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Charybdis cards

Cards featuring artworks by Chris Poole

Browse my cards at leisure. If you would like to buy some, message me on my Charybdis Cards Facebook page or use the "Let's Chat!" button or email me at  

PICK 'N' MIX: 10% off card prices for orders of any 10 or more cards [all the same or any mixture].

E.g. 2xA3, 1xB4, 5xC3, 4xD1 would cost £6 +£2.50 + £12.50 + £8 =£29 - 10% = £26.10 (+p&p)

Click on these links to the Cards, displayed in these three formats:-

Cards are available in four sizes:-

  • A range are A5 size [148 x 210 mm or 6" x 8" approx].                 £3 each

  • B range are 127 x 178mm [or 5" x 7"].                                           £2.50 each

  • C range are 148mm square [6" square].                                          £2.50 each

  • D range are A6 size [105 x 148mm or 4" x 6" approx].                   £2 each 

  • Coming later, there will be a page of more of my artworks. I can have any of these made into cards on orders of 10 or more. They may be slightly more expensive and with a few days delay while they are printed.

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